After ‘Pappu’ campaign Now ‘Socha Nahin To Socho Abhi’

After ‘Pappu’ campaign to attract voters during the Delhi assembly elections last year, the Election Commission is planning yet another catchy campaign to ensure a higher turnout – using the song Socha Nahin To Socho Abhi, from the film Rock On!

“We are still in the process of planning the finer details of the concept but, yes, we are thinking of using the catchy line of one of the songs from the movie Rock On! to ensure more voter turnout in the general elections,” Delhi’s chief electoral officer Satbir Silas Bedi said.

The EC’s  ‘Pappu can’t vote’ campaign – a spin-off from the song Pappu Can’t Dance Saala from the film Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na – during last year’s assembly elections, generated a lot of interest.

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