Notice to Varun Gandhi on communal remarks

The Election Commission on Sunday sought a report from the administration after Varun Gandhi, the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate from Pilibhit, made allegedly communal remarks at a rally.

“Hinduon ki taraf jo haath uthega, ussey Varun Gandhi rokegaa nahin kaat dega,” said BJP’s Pilibhit LS candidate Varun Gandhi at a rally on March 6.

The district administration has taken a serious view of the issue and served a notice on him on Friday. His reply to the notice is to be filed by Monday, district magistrate, Pilibhit, MP Agarwal . Along with Varun, the BJP district chief, who also spokes on the occassion, has been served a similar notice, the DM said.

Sources said that Varun Gandhi, who would be contesting his mother’s parliamentary seat this time, is in quite an aggressive mood.

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