Internet elections: The next game changer in India’s Internet revolution?

State of Gujarat in India has been a pioneer in multiple technologies. And now they bring another news to boast about. This year, people in Gujarat didn’t have to wait in the long queues to cast a vote. They could do it from the comfort of their homes through internet. This may lead to a substantial increase in the voter participation.

State of Gujarat, India has proudly announced that they have successfully conducted Municipal Elections through internet voting, in collaboration with Scytl, which is a company that provides secure remote voting technology. The first trial was carried out last year in the month of September. And this time it has been implemented in Gandhinagar’s Municipal Corporation elections. About 77.16 % voters cast their vote either from home or from e-voting booths using Scytl voting technology.

Scytl formed by leading research group at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, is working towards development of secure solutions for electoral modernization. They have received a number of awards, in which  European Venture Contest, ICT Prize and Global Innovator are only a few to name.

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