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Winner of Assembly Elections 2009 in Daporijo is SHRI TAPEN SIGA (Bharatiya Janata Party)

Candidates of Daporijo 2009 Assembly Election

Candidate NameParty
Smti Yari Dulom Indian National Congress
Shri Tapen Siga Bharatiya Janata Party
Shri Daklo Nidak All India Trinamool Congress
Shri Maji Marging Nationalist Congress Party
Shri Takir Kurdu Janata Dal (United)

Year Voter Turnout Percentage Winner Candidate Percentage Party Runnerup Candidate Percentage Party
2004 59.89 DAKLO NIDAK 36.29 AC YARI DULOM 32.39 INC 
1999 62.11 TADAK DULOM 46.09 INC DAKLO NIDAK 27.31 AC 
1995 74.34 DAKLO NIDAK 51.37 IND TADAK DULOM 48.63 INC 
1990 63.16 TADAK DULOM 53.45 INC DAKLO NIDAK 28.45 IND 

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