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Winner of Assembly Elections 2009 in Doimukh is SHRI NABAM REBIA (Indian National Congress)

Candidates of Doimukh 2009 Assembly Election

Candidate NameParty
Shri Nabam Rebia Indian National Congress
Shri Ngurang Pinch Nationalist Congress Party
Shri T.c. Teli All India Trinamool Congress

Year Voter Turnout Percentage Winner Candidate Percentage Party Runnerup Candidate Percentage Party
2004 67.16 NGURANG PINCH 49.4 IND T.C. TELI 37.58 INC 
1999 72.17 T.C. TELI 40.97 INC NGURANG PINCH 27.89 AC 
1995 79.61 T.C. TELI 55.02 JD NGURANG TAZAP 44.98 INC 
1990 70.32 NGURANG TAZAP 37.52 INC T.C. TELI 35.45 JNP(JP) 

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