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Winner of Assembly Elections 2009 in Sadhaura is RAJPAL (Indian National Congress)

Candidates of Sadhaura 2009 Assembly Election

Candidate NameParty
Arun Kumar Communist Party of India
Data Ram Bharatiya Janata Party
Balwant Singh Indian National Lok Dal
Ravi Bhushan Bahujan Samaj Party
Rajpal Indian National Congress
Vinay Kumar Nationalist Congress Party
Sher Singh Haryana Janhit Congress (BL)
Mahipal Smast Bhartiya Party
Raj Bhushan Samajwadi Party
Deep Chand Independent
Lal Chand Independent

Year Voter Turnout Percentage Winner Candidate Percentage Party Runnerup Candidate Percentage Party
2005 81.49 BALWANT SINGH 32.15 INLD DEEP CHAND 24.54 IND 
2000 78.08 BALWANT SINGH 32.1 INLD DEEP CHAND 24.12 INC 
1996 78.11 RAMJI LAL 28.41 SAP DEEP CHAND 26.16 IND 
1991 75.51 SHER SINGH 27.1 IND RAMJI LAL 22.56 JP 
1987 76.01 BHAG MAL 53.22 IND SHER SINGH 30.35 INC 
1982 66.93 BHAGMAL 40.08 BJP PARBHU RAM 40.06 INC 
1977 69.25 BHAG MAL 52.34 JNP PRABHU RAM 35.68 INC 

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