Jalagam Vengala Rao

Mini Biography :
Jalagam Vengal Rao or Jalagam Vengala Rao was the Chief Minister of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh from December 10, 1973 to March 6, 1978. Vengal Rao held a World Telugu Conference in Hyderabad in 1975.

Vengal Rao hailed from Buyannagudem in Khammam district.Vengal Rao’s hallmark was his efficiency.But he is more famous for his pragmatic handling of naxal menace and containing it. He replaced local officers with officers from far away districts so that a naxalite-police nexus could not be formed. And important rehabilitation measures were formulated for the family members of slain naxalites so that they could lead an honourable life.

He almost wiped out naxalism from the State. He created decent means of livelihood for the families of slain and surrendered naxalites so that the younger generations were not misled. He improved the lot of the tribals to ensure there were no fresh additions to the cadres. It was during his tenure of Chief Ministership that 3 universities namely Kakatiya University , Nagarjuna University and Krishnadevaraya university were started catering to 3 regions Telangana,Andhra and Rayalaseema of AP. Later Vimadlal commission was appointed to probe into attacks on naxals during his CMship. He died on the June 12, 1999.

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