Hiteswar Saikia

Hiteswar Saikia was the chief minister of Assam for two terms, first from February 27, 1983 to December 23, 1985 and then from June 30, 1991 to April 22, 1996. He was a senior leader of Indian National Congress.

During his first tenure as the chief minister, the famous Anti Foreigners Movement took place under the joint leadership of Sri Prafulla Kumar Mahanta and Late Bhrigu Kumar Phukan, the President and the General Secretary respectively of the All Assam Students Union.

Saikia was a stern nationalist and an oppenent of militancy in any situation.He is often criticised for crashing the militancy mercilessly in Assam. He was an able administrator. He is credited for improving the education scenario of the state by provincialising a number of educational institutions.

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