Krishana Ballabh Sahay

Krishna Ballabh Sahay

Krishna Ballabh Sahay

Date of Birth : 1898
Date Of Death : 1974

Mini Biography :

Krishna Ballabh Sahay (1898-1974) was a freedom fighter, who after Independence became the Revenue minister of Bihar and then later on went on to become the Chief Minister of unified Bihar.

He is credited with having authored and passed the first pioneering legislation in the country to abolish the Jamindary system. In 1952 that was the first such legislation in the country. K.B. Sahay was almost alone in his crusade for land reforms in the formative 1950s and ’60s. Bihar was the first to introduce legislation to abolish zamindari. But the Patna High Court struck down the Act, as did the Supreme Court. It was this that led an exasperated Jawaharlal Nehru to push the first amendment to the Constitution. The legislation on land ceilings was introduced in the Assembly in 1955. A watered-down version was passed only in 1959 and got presidential assent in 1962. He Became the Chief Minister of Bihar in 1963 with the support of eminent leader S N Sinha(later Bihar CM),who then was Deputy Chief Minister and served as Education Minister.

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