Farooq Abdullah

Farooq Abdullah

Farooq Abdullah

Date of Birth : 21 October, 1936

Mini Biography :

Farooq Abdullah, born 21 October, 1936 in Soura, Jammu & Kashmir, India, is the son of Sheikh Abdullah, is a doctor of medicine and has served as chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir on several occasions since 1982.His political career has been marked with controversy. Publicly, Farooq Abdullah has advocated autonomy for Jammu and Kashmir within the constitution of India and he has advocated the formalisation of the Line of Control (LoC) as the International Border between India and Pakistan. In terms of his ideological leanings, Farooq Abdullah is a self-proclaimed secularist with his son and daughters married to non-Muslims.

Abdullah was a novice in the political arena of Jammu and Kashmir when he was appointed president of the National Conference in Srinagar on August 21, 1981. His prime qualification was that he was the son and heir of the nationalist Kashmiri leader Sheikh Abdullah. In 1984, the Abdullah government was dismissed and replaced with a pro-Congress government under Ghulam Mohammed Shah. He was dismissed after he refused to go into an alliance with the Congress party in 1983 assembly elections against the wishes of then Congress president and Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The final straw came when he attended public rallies with anti-Congress parties across the country and issued statements against Congress. Political circles largely believe that Gandhi got back at him by engineering a revolt in his party through the then governor Jagmohan and then swearing in Ghulam Mohammed Shah, the estranged brother-in-law of Abdullah.

He forged an alliance with the Congress and returned as interim chief minister in 1987. Those elections were also marred by allegations of electoral fraud. It was also during his regime that Kashmir saw the rise of terrorism that ultimately lead to death of thousands of Kashmiris and forced Kashmiri Pandits to move out of valley and live like refugees in their own country.

He is married to Molly, a nurse of British origin. She mostly lives in England.

He still remains active and popular in politics after handing over the reins of his party to his son and has stated on a number of occasions that his ultimate goal is to be the President of India.

He contested, from the Srinagar Lok Sabha constituency, during the Indian General Election, 2009, and he won by a huge margin. Due to the alliance, of his party, the National Conference, with the ruling Indian National Congress, on May 28, 2009, Dr. Abdullah, was sworn in as a cabinet minister.

His son, Omar Abdullah has remained a member of the Lok Sabha for three terms and has become Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir.

India Elections : Farooq Abdullah to contest from Srinagar

Ending weeks of suspense, ruling National Conference on Monday decided to field its president Farooq Abdullah from prestigious Srinagar Lok Sabha seat, even as he remained undecided to contest the polls, slated to be held on May seven in...

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