Babasaheb Bhosale

Babasaheb Bhosale

Babasaheb Bhosale

Date of Birth : January 15, 1921
Date Of Death : October 6, 2007

Mini Biography :

Babasaheb Bhosale (January 15, 1921 – October 6, 2007) was an Indian politician who served as Chief Minister of Maharashtra from January 21, 1982, until February 1, 1983.

Bhosale was born on January 15, 1921 at Satara in western Maharashtra state. He received a law degree and passed the Bar at Law in 1951. He practiced law for ten years in Satara.

Bhosale began his legislative career in politics late in life. He was first elected to the Maharashtra State Vidhan Sabha (state assembly) in 1980 as a representative of Nehru Nagar, which is located near Kurla.Bhosale was appointed Chief Minister of Maharashtra in a surprise move by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to succeed Abdul Rehman Antulay.Bhosale focused on the law and judiciary, labour, and transport departments while Chief Minister of the important Indian state.His political rivals, however, attacked Bhosale and derided his time in office as a “comical interlude” in the state’s political history. His official residence in Malabar Hill in what was then called Bombay, which is called Varsha, was renamed ‘Raigad’ during his political tenure.He was succeeded by Vasantdada Patil in 1983.

Bhosale died at the Bombay Hospital in Mumbai on October 6, 2007 following a brief illness.

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