Sudhakarrao Naik

Sudhakarrao Naik

Sudhakarrao Naik

Date of Birth : 21 August, 1934
Date Of Death : 10 May, 2001

Mini Biography :

Sudhakarrao Rajusing Naik (21 August, 1934 – 10 May, 2001) was an Indian politician who served as Chief Minister of Maharashtra from 1991 until 1993. Born at the remote Gavli village in Yavatmal district in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, he was nephew of Mr Vasantrao Naik who was Chief Minister of Maharashtra for 11 years. He started his political career from his rural base as Sarpanch or village head.

Mr Naik’s tenure as Chief Minister was noted for his attempt to destroy the clout of the Mumbai Underworld and bring them under the aegis of the law.

He is also remembered for his work in water conservation.

He served as governor of Himachal Pradesh from 30 July 1994 to 17 September 1995.In 1998, he was elected to 12th Lok Sabha from Washim (Lok Sabha constituency).

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