Elections 2012

Temple is not people’s agenda in Ayodhya

The Ram temple was clearly not on the agenda of those who voted in this Hindu pilgrim town in the first phase of the Uttar Pradesh elections. Ordinary men and women showed much more interest in development issues than the...

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Election Commission wants to ban govt ads 6 months prior to polls

In its continuing efforts to ensure a level playing field for political parties, the Election Commission intends to ban publication or broadcast of government advertisements from six months prior to the expiry of Parliament or legislative assemblies. Such a ban currently...

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Schedule for Arunachal Pradesh, Haryana and Maharashtra Assembly Elections

* Issue of notification  September 18 * Last date for nominations  September 25 * Date for scrutiny of nominations  September 26 * Last date for withdrawal of candidature  September 29 * Date of poll  October 13 (Tuesday) * Counting  October 22 (Thursday) * Date before which...

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