Shibu Soren

State : Jharkhand
Constituency : Dumka
Party : JMM
Age : 64
Address : Sector 1C Post – Sector 1C Block- Chas P.S. – B.S. City Dist.- Bokaro PIN - 827001

Jharkhand Elections Results : Shibu Soren has begun bargaining for power

Shibu Soren who emerged as the kingmaker here,Not only did the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha emerge as the single-largest party along with the BJP, it has actually improved its tally from 2005 by one seat to 18. Its vote share has...

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Jharkhand Assembly Poll Results : JMM to play kingmaker

ECI has declared the Jharkhand Assembly election results 2009. These are the results of the general elections that have been held been in the state after four years. It had not been held for all these years as the state,...

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