India Elections : Preity Zinta praised Narendra Modi

Bollywood film actress Preity Zinta in her latest interview praised Narendra Modi and said Narendra Modi should become India’s Prime Minister.

Times of India group’s tabloid Mumbai Mirror asked Preity Zinta “Do you plan to enter politics?” Preity replied “More than one party has asked me to stand in the forthcoming elections but I have no interest in politics. Every political party is the same. I am open to supporting someone but not a party. I don’t support Hindu-Muslim politics. I certainly don’t support what happened in Godhra. Even Narendra Modi must have realised this and it won’t happen again. Till last year, I didn’t support Modi but today I support him with all my heart. He should be India’s Prime Minister. Look at how he has administered Gujarat. Every politician has something bad to his name but Modi is one politician who also has something good to his name. If we have five states like Gujarat, India will shine.”

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