India Elections : Former Bahujan Samaj Party leaders join hands ahead of Lok Sabha polls

Bahujan Samaj Party (SP'>BSP) supremo Mayawati’s former lieutenants have joined hands to float a new alliance with the sole objective of challenging their former party.

The new alliance – Adhikar Manch – which has decided to contest all the 80 seats in the state, launched its poll campaign even before the dates of the Lok Sabha elections were announced.

The group comprises leaders who were considered as trusted lieutenants of Mayawati and Kanshiram.

The campaign is being led by regional party Apna Dal headed by Sone Lal Patel, who was once a SP'>BSP rank holder.

Another alliance partner Bhartiya Samaj Party, too is an off shoot of the ruling SP'>BSP. Bhartiya Samaj Party is led by Om Prakash Rajbhar, who was once a trusted party member of Mayawati.

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