Jaspal Bhatti to contest LS poll on ‘Recession Party’ ticket

Noted comedian Jaspal Bhatti took a dig at the country’s multi-party system by announcing his plans to contest the upcoming general elections on a “Recession Party” ticket.Bhatti, who is a qualified engineer by profession, would ‘contest’ from his native place Chandigarh on the ticket of “Recession Party”, which he launched on Monday.

Announcing his candidature for the Chandigarh Lok Sabha seat, Bhatti said the purpose behind his contesting the election was to overcome his own joblessness and improve his own financial health in these recessionary times.

Commenting on recent trend among political leaders to declare themselves as a prime ministerial candidate, he was also declaring himself for the PM post and would fight to get it.

He said his party would openly encourage more slums around Chandigarh to help him with votes in future elections.

“These slums will also help us win more Oscar awards in the future,” Bhatti said.

The comedian-actor, who is a qualified electrical engineer by profession, hails from Chandigarh.

“I will not spend a penny in these elections…I mean I will not spend a penny from my own pocket,” Bhatti announced at Chandigarh’s commercial hub of Sector 17 as the gathered audience broke into laughter.

He also promised to create a wedge between foolish and intellectual voters, saying that he would not seek votes from the intellectuals.

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