India Elections : Congress furious over the seat sharing agreement in Bihar

Congress, which is upset over the seat sharing agreement between RJD and LJP, may decide to go it alone in most of the seats in the state.The Congress on Tuesday described the seat-sharing arrangement for Bihar proposed jointly by allies, the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and the Lok Jan Shakti Party (LJP) as unacceptable but maintained that the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) was still intact.

Sonia Gandhi and Lalu Yadav have had a falling out. That’s because earlier today Lalu and Paswan cut the congress to size.
Lalu and Paswan split the 40 seats amongst themselves leaving only three for the Congress. Within hours Paswan who got 12 seats quickly washed his hands of seat-sharing exercise.

“It was Lalu who talked with the Congress over seat sharing only he knows why Congress has few seats,” said Ram Vilas Paswan, Leader, LJP.The Congress is furious with Lalu, its closest and most reliable ally accusing him of betraying Sonia Gandhi with whom he enjoyed a good rapport.

Union Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde who was entrusted with arriving at a seat-sharing arrangement in Bihar said: The Congress will contest as many seats as possible. Our workers are so angry that they have threatened to leave the party if we accept what has been offered to us by the two parties.

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