India Elections : Allies devote Congress headache

It’s not just the BJP which is fraught with infighting. Widening cracks are visible now within the UPA, with two key allies being the proverbial spoke in the wheel at this point.

The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), whose leader Sharad Pawar harbours prime ministerial ambitions, is creating trouble for the Congress-led alliance.

But in a move of political brinksmanship, the Congress called his bluff, saying his ambitions were disproportionate to NCP’s political clout.

In Meghalaya too, the Congress and the NCP have locked horns. The Centre recommended President’s Rule in the state after the NCP-led government narrowly won the trust vote there.

Meanwhile, Congress-Samajwadi Party relations are also under strain. Despite several rounds of talks, political rivalry trumped fears of Mayawati in the end and talks over seat-sharing in Uttar Pradesh finally broke down.

This is bad news for the Congress as Uttar Pradesh sends 80 the maximum number of members to the Lok Sabha.

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