India Elections : Muslim leaders demand ban on Varun’s candidature

Slamming the BJP for lending an all-out support to Varun Gandhi despite the alleged hate speeches delivered by him, some Muslim leaders have demanded a ban on his candidature.

The Muslim leaders warn that failure to do so would encourage many more to fan communal passions in the run up to the polls.

“The manner in which the BJP is insisting on Varun’s candidature from Pilibhit, seems that it wants to flaunt its communal card and exploit it fully in the campaigning for the coming elections,” Maulana Khalid Rasheed Firangimahli, a senior member of the All India Muslim Personal Board told in an Interview.

“Varun Gandhi’s speech, it appears, was an experiment at the behest of the BJP which is now being taken ahead with insistence on his candidature. If he is not barred from contesting elections, many more such immature politicians would take cue from it and vitiate communal harmony,” said Firangimahli, who is also ‘naib imam’ of an idgah.

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