India Elections : Students pelted stones at the convoy of Sanjay Dutt

Students of the Lucknow University on Sunday pelted stones at the convoy of the Samajwadi Partys Lok Sabha candidate Sanjay Dutt, damaging some vehicles. They alleged that they were ignored by him.

After a brief visit to Mumbai, Dutt resumed campaigning on Sunday. But as he was returning from a house on the Lucknow University campus, stones were thrown at his cavalcade by protestors believed to be hostellers. While no one was injured in the melee, the last of the five-car fleet ferrying his security men was hit by stones.

The group of students, mostly from Golden Jubilee Hostel, were angry that Dutt, who was on his way to the party office at Kaiserbagh, did not get down from his car to meet the waiting crowd. Dutt had gone to the campus to meet film director Abhishek Tandon, son of Professor T K Tandon of the Botany Department.

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