‘BJP and Congress are just like a double-headed snake’ – Nagaraj

The CPM state secretariat member G N Nagaraj termed the trend of hate speech started by BJP candidate Varun Gandhi and the support extended to him from top party leadership as nothing but an extension of `Godse Culture’ of spreading hate and destruction. BJP and the Sangh Parivar and its affiliates are the direct descendents of this culture, which the Congress and other political parties too are latching on to for narrow gains.

Addressing media persons at the election office on Tuesday April 7, state secretary G N Nagaraj said that BJP and Congress party have common economic and foreign policies. They are just like a double-headed snake. They have created employment in India by introducing globalization and privatization, he alleged.

Now people want a change again and hence there is a bright chance for Third Front to fulfil the aspirations of people,” he said and added that both BJP and Congress are the same in their approach and attitude. Their foreign as well as economic policies are the same. The various documents, which were left as bills by NDA became Acts under UPA and the chain will continue.
The Third Front, if voted to power will enact a special law to curb communal violence and deal stringently with elements promoting such violence.

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