Jaspal Bhatti declared himself as the Prime Ministerial candidate

Famous comedian Jaspal Bhatti along with other noted comedians including Johnny Lever,Rakesh Bedi and Ahsaan Qureshi campaigned for his “Recession Party”.

Bhatti would be ‘contesting’ from his native place Chandigarh on the ticket of “Recession Party”, which was recently launched.

“Our main motto is going to be to improve our personal financial condition… as MP’s we have to look at our conditions ourselves,” says Bhatti

For funds, in view of the ongoing economic recession, the party will depend on the generosity of donors, Bhatti added. Earlier, while launching the party in Chandigarh, Bhatti had demanded a quota in parliament and other institutions for the fools in the country

“We are wearing black because jitne bhi black ka paisa market mein hai..aur partiyo ke paas hai woh saab paisa humare paas aajaye (we want that all the black money that is there in the market and with the parties should come to us),” says Rakesh Bedi.

The Recession Party also announced its prime ministerial candidate.

Jaspal Bhatti has declared himself as the Prime Ministerial candidate. Name of the candidates for the Lok Sabha seats in Mumbai, will be announced later.

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