India Elections : Manmohan Singh is a campaign star : Congress

A day after BJP claimed that the Congress party had kept the incumbent Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh away from election campaigns in the last five years, Congress today said the Prime Minister has campaigned vigorously in all the elections in the past and is also doing it now.

“The PM campaigned vigorously in 2004 and in every assembly election, including in November 2008. The BJP’s cheap criticism of the PM is consistent with its anti-elderly stance,” party spokesman Abhishek Singhvi said.

BJP spokesperson Ravi Shanker Prasad had on Saturday asked “why has the Congress allowed its PM Manmohan Singh to campaign for just 12 seats out of the 3000 seats in assembly elections held in the last five years.”

Contesting the BJPs charges, the Congress spokesman said even in these Lok Sabha elections, the Prime Minister is campaigning wholeheartedly, despite having recovered from a recent heart surgery.
BJP does not even respect elderly statesmen on such issues. This shows their true style and desperation, Mr Singhvi said.

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