India Elections : 55 percent polling in second phase

An estimated 55 percent of the 194 million electorate voted Thursday in the second phase of the Lok Sabha polls held across 12 states.

The states which went to polls Thursday were Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Goa, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand. A total of 2,034 candidates were in the fray. Despite the searing heat, there were long queues at most of the 222,350 polling centres.

The states that saw a high percent of voter turnout were Tripura (78 to 80), Assam (62) and Andhra Pradesh (68).

The other states where elections were held are Bihar (44), Uttar Pradesh (44), Madhya Pradesh (45), Jammu and Kashmir (46), Jharkhand (47), Orissa (55), Goa (55), Karnataka (55) and Maharashtra (56).

Polling began in 140 constituencies across 12 states at 7 a.m. for the second round of the five-phase elections.

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