India Elections : Shekhawat appeals to voters to back NDA, Advani

Former Vice-President Bhairon Singh came out with a formal appeal supporting BJP prime ministerial candidate L K Advani. It comes as a shot in the arm for Advani, as Shekhawat is the tallest leader in the party after former Prime Minister A B Vajpayee, who has also issued a similar appeal, backing Advani for Prime Minister. Given his wide contacts across the political spectrum, Shekhawat could play a crucial role in the post-poll phase in winning over more allies for the BJP-led NDA.

In a signed appeal to voters all over the country and especially in Rajasthan, the former Vice President asked them to come out in large numbers and vote in the last two phases and said that “only a BJP-led government with Shri L K Advani as Prime Minister can safeguard the nation’s interests”.

Shekhawat said that at this time of ongoing economic crisis and increasing terrorism that has killed innocent people in various parts of the country, “India needs a strong and stable government headed by a determined leader”.

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