India Elections : Shotgun vs Shekhar

Voters in Bihar’s Patna Saheb constituency have a choice Thursday between entertainment stars Shatrughan ‘Shotgun’ Sinha and Shekhar ‘Shaker’ Suman as their representative to the Lok Sabha.

These two apart, 14 candidates, including RJD’s Vijay Kumar Sahu and Ram Narayan Rai of the CPI-ML (Liberation) are in the race from Patna Saheb, the polling to which will be held on May 7.

Both Sinha and Suman hail from Patna and belong to the Kayastha community, which accounts for over four lakh from the 16 lakh voters in the constituency.

Both the actors are popular and are liked by the people of Bihar dearly. Incidentally the fight is going on in a friendly manner in an otherwise unruly Bihar. Shekar Suman respectfully calls Shatrughan Sinha as Bade Bhaiyya (Big Brother) while addressing Mr Sinha in his election rallies. Shotgun calls Suman, Chote Bhai (Younger Brother) during his election speeches and so goes the election campaign.

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