India Elections : Fifth phase of Lok Sabha polls

India voters cast their final ballots Wednesday in the country’s marathon elections, with analysts predicting a shaky coalition government that will struggle to survive a full term.

Voting began across nine states and Union Territories in the fifth and final phase of Lok Sabha elections.

Southern Tamil Nadu state, eastern Kolkata metropolis and the India-administered Kashmir region were among the key areas casting ballots for the remaining 86 of the 545 seats in the Parliament’s Lok Sabha or House of the People.

Over 10.78 crore voters have a say in electing 86 MPs to the 545-member lower house of Parliament in this phase.

The polling exercise began at 0700 hrs across 1.21 lakh booths.

The first exit polls — banned during the staggered voting process — are expected hours after polling closes, although the official result will be announced by the Election Commission only on Saturday.

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