India Elections : BSP to give outside support to UPA government

Mayawati’s SP'>BSP, which was part of the Third Front in the Lok Sabha elections, today announced unconditional outside support of its 21 MPs to the Congress-led UPA government.

Mayawati told a meeting of party leaders that SP'>BSP had decided to support the UPA with the objective of keeping the BJP out of power. This assertion, however, is likely to be pooh-poohed by the political analysts, who feel that this was an attempt to ensure that Samajwadi Party does not become too powerful under the present dispensation.

That means the new government will be comfortably ahead of the halfway mark in parliament. The UPA won 263 seats in the just-concluded Lok Sabha polls, nine short of the halfway mark.

Mayawati said that she had authorised senior SP'>BSP leader Satish C. Mishra to go to the president to hand over a letter extending SP'>BSP support to the UPA government.

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