French official praises Indian elections

A top French official has praised India for the successful conduct of the Lok Sabha elections saying it was a “fresh and dazzling demonstration of the vitality of the Indian democracy”.
President of the Constitutional Council of France Jean-Louis Debre congratulated India’s Chief Election Commissioner Navin Chawla for the smooth conduct of the month-long elections that were held in five phases beginning April.

Chawla visited France and met the head of that country’s highest constitutional court last week.

Mr. Chawla separately met Mr. Jean-Marc Sauv, Vice President of the Council of State, considered the highest civil servant of France. The Council, presided over by the Prime Minister is the top most administrative court of France and also gives legal advice to the executive. It rules on regional election disputes and the election of French Members of the European Parliament and hears appeals pertaining to Municipal and Cantonal election disputes. The CEC also met other French dignitaries during his visit.

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