Arun Shourie attacks BJP Leadership

Days after the expulsion of Jaswant Singh highlighted the crisis in the BJP, the partys beleagured leadership came under an unprecedented, no-holds-barred attack launched by its senior leader Arun Shourie today.

Senior BJP leader Arun Shourie joined the list of party leaders, who have raised the banner of revolt against the party leadership. Rajya Sabha MP Shourie termed BJP President Rajnath Singh as “Alice in Blunderland” and the party leadership as “Humpty Dumpty”.

Mr. Shourie described the BJP as kati patang, a kite that is adrift with no control over its movement and is directionless and up for grabs.

Mr. Shouries attack is a continuation of the loud complaints by senior leaders that some in the party the reference was to Arun Jaitley had been rewarded for mismanagement of the election campaign. The reward was the position of Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha. Since then there has been an all-out effort to ensure that he does not get the position of party president when Mr. Rajnath Singhs tenure come to an end in January 2010.

BJP sources said that disciplinary action is likely to be taken against Shourie, as even a leader like Jaswant Singh was not spared.

Arun Shourie, whose Rajya Sabha will come to an end shortly, is all set to be expelled from the party for his sudden outburst. Shourie was one of the few senior leaders in BJP, who had questioned the leadership after the recent poll debacle and asked for a self-introspection at the higher level.

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