Schedule for Arunachal Pradesh, Haryana and Maharashtra Assembly Elections

* Issue of notification  September 18
* Last date for nominations  September 25
* Date for scrutiny of nominations  September 26
* Last date for withdrawal of candidature  September 29
* Date of poll  October 13 (Tuesday)
* Counting  October 22 (Thursday)
* Date before which the entire election process will be completed  October 25 (Sunday)
* Model code of conduct comes into force with immediate effect
* Poll in these states will be conducted at all polling stations using EVMs

* Total number of assembly contituencies
Arunachal Pradesh  60
Haryana  90
Maharashtra  288

* Total number of electors
Arunachal Pradesh  7,50,575
Haryana  1,20,63,257
Maharashtra  7,56,34,525

* Electors who have been provided with Electors Photo Identity Cards (EPICs) will be identified through EPIC only
* All those electors who have not got their EPICs are advised to obtain their EPICs from the Electoral Registration Officers of their assembly constituencies urgently
* Presently, Arunachal Pradesh has 88.42%, Haryana 99% and Maharashtra 80.35% EPIC holders

* Total number of poling stations
Arunachal Pradesh  2,061
Haryana  12,894
Maharashtra  82,028

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