Congress ahead : According to Exit polls

Indians voted for state legislative assemblies Tuesday in what was seen as the first major test of the ruling alliance’s popularity after the April-May general elections.

An unexpectedly high 60% voter turnout in Maharashtra, a higher 68% turnout in Haryana and an even higher 72% in Arunachal Pradesh in Tuesday’s assembly polls may have political pundits arguing about what that implies, but exit pollsters are sanguine — the UPA was the winner at the end of the day.

The most significant is Maharashtra, one of India’s most prosperous states, which the Congress Party has ruled for a decade along with a regional ally.

Ashok Chavan is the state’s Chief Minister. Hoping for a third term for the Congress party, he appealed to voters to turn out in numbers.

Polling was largely peaceful, but police said Maoist rebels opened fire near a polling booth in a rebel stronghold in Maharashtra state.

The votes will be counted on October 22

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