Congress slams BJP over Sonia cartoon

The Congress attacked BJP in Chhattisgarh for portraying its chief Sonia Gandhi as a ‘witch’ in a cartoon on price rise, saying it has crossed the ‘limits of decency’.

While the BJP rejected the charge, saying a cartoon on a cover-page that appeared in its monthly mouthpiece Deep Kamal has a reference of ‘mahangai daayan’ (inflation witch) and it is just symbolic and intended to highlight the rising prices across country.

The cover page of the July issue of the in-house magazine of the party carried a cartoon of a woman resembling the Congress chief. The woman, portrayed as witch, sports Congress’ hand symbol on her forehead. A controversial title “Mahangai Dayan Khaye Jayat Hai”, a line of popular number of yet-to-be released Hindi film — Peepli Live — featured prominently on the page.

The cover-page cartoon also depicts look-alikes of the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, the Union finance minister, Mr Pranab Mukherjee, and the Union agriculture minister, Mr Sharad Pawar, with some sarcastic remarks on them.

Protesting against depicting Mrs Gandhi in an “indecent and disgraceful manner”, the Congress leaders and workers burnt the effigy of the Raman Singh government and the copies of the magazine in different parts of the state including the state capital.

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