Sonia supports Aadhaar for reforming PDS

The idea of using the unique identity (UID) programme, or Aadhaar, to reform the public distribution system (PDS) through which the government supplies cheap grain, pulses and other essentials to people who most need them appears to be gathering steam, with Congress president and United Progressive Alliance (UPA) chairperson Sonia Gandhi signalling her backing for it.

The government’s effort to involve UID — also known as Aadhaar — in PDS comes after the Supreme Court suggested so last month.

Aadhaar aims to provide every resident with a unique identification number that can serve as proof of identity for everything from opening a bank account to receiving government subsidy to getting grains and other products from ration shops, the last link in PDS.

An official in the agriculture ministry confirmed a meeting on Nilekani’s proposal took place on Wednesday.

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