US experts claimed that the Indian EVMs are not tamper proof

A group of IT experts from US have claimed that the Indian EVMs are not tamper-proof and asked the Election Commission to explore other forms of voting that provide “transparency” and security. The academicians and experts wrote the letter within days of a heated debate between IT experts and officials from ECI regarding the machines.

Among signatories to the letter are Prof Ben Adida (Harvard University), Dr Josh Benaloh (Microsoft Research), Prof Matt Blaze (University of Pennsylvania), Bill Cheswick (AT&T Shannon Labs), Prof Russell A Fink (University of Maryland, Baltimore County), Prof Ian Goldberg (University of Waterloo), Dr Joseph Lorenzo Hall (University of California, Berkeley/Princeton University / ACCURATE), Harri Hursti (CTO, Clear Ballot Group), and Neal McBurnett (Election Audits).

“As experts in electronic voting technology and computer security, we have significant concerns about the security, verifiability, and transparency of India’s EVMs,’ they wrote after attending an industry conference on this issue in Washington.

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