EVM researcher arrested

A Hyderabad based researcher who, along with two other accomplice researchers, got hold of an EVM (Electronic Voting Machine), and published a blog based on their research on the Internet which held the EVMs to be tamper able, was arrested on Saturday.

The name of the arrested researcher is Hari Krishna Prasad Murli Mohan Waimuru. He owns the Hyderabad based company, Netcom India Private Limited. Indian officials claim that the EVM was stolen from the collector’s office in Mumbai, and that the arrest was made to question Hari into naming the ‘anonymous’ source that he claims was responsible to supply that EVM to the researchers.

The research has also included experts from other countries. In a sting operation carried out by a TV news channel, Hari, along with the researchers, had demonstrated the faults in the EVM, which had created much controversies regarding the veracity of the election process. Hari will be in remand to police till 26th August.

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