The rule of Congress party would be for the poor : Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said that the country cannot change without the support of the poor people.

Gandhi assured the people that the rule of Congress party would be for the poor.

“If you want to change the country, then only one power can change this and that is the power of India’s poor individuals power. No other power can change this country and it needs to be merged with politics,” said Rahul Gandhi.

“Be it the Dalits (lower caste), tribals, OBCs (other backward class) and Brahmin of any religion this power needs to get involved,” he added, while addressing an election rally at Sheikhpura in Bihar’s Nawada District.

Rahul Gandhi further said that it is the Congress Government, which has allotted maximum amount of funds to Bihar under the ‘Indira Awas’ Housing Development Scheme.

Speaking on the occasion, he questioned the present Government in Bihar for its inefficiency in curbing the rate of migration and for not providing employment opportunities to the locals.

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