Scrap Rajya Sabha elections : Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan feels that the time has come to do away with Rajya Sabha elections.

“Nominations to the Rajya Sabha are sold in an open market, like a commodity in a mandi (wholesale market). It resembles an auction for MPs. Democracy is publicly humiliated and honest political leaders openly disgraced,” Chouhan said on Sunday, only to eat his words later under intense political pressure.

“Huge money was being spent by the candidates to become RS members,” he said adding that men with money power were in the race to become upper house member.

“Now Mallya is reaching RS,” he remarked.

“In place of Rajya Sabha elections, the system of like nominating an Anglo-India as Member of Parliament should be followed,” Chouhan opined.

He opined that Lok Sabha and Assembly elections should be held simultaneously in the country adding that they should be held once in five years.

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