Dharmendra ruled out contesting elections in the future

Bollywood actor Dharmendra ruled out contesting elections in the future saying that politics was not meant for him.

“No,” said the the former BJP MP from Bikaner when asked whether he would contest elections again.

“I am an emotional person. I don’t know which party is having what ideology. Take any party, no one considers the country as mother. Everywhere the country is being looted. The day political parties start regarding India as mother and begin serving her, the country will become a heaven,” he told mediapersons.

On his decision to fight elections from Bikaner, the actor said though he was not willing to fight the polls due to the prevailing political scenario, he decided to go ahead following an advice from a person who asked him “what will happen to the country if good people don’t join politics ?”

Dharmendra said though he won the Bikaner Lok Sabha seat in 2004, he regretted the decision to contest the elections later.

“I felt bad for defeating my nearest rival,” he said adding that he discharged his duties as an MP religiously.

“What I did in Bikaner in five-years wasn’t done in the past 50 previous years. However, I don’t desire to take credit for it,” said the 75-year-old actor who was here to promote his upcoming film Yamla Pagla Deewana.

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