Poll panel to overhaul voting system in 5 yrs

In order to tighten the countrys voting system, the Election Commission is planning to introduce one-person-one number system so that each persons voter identity card number and unique identification number become one. The move is aimed at automatic deletion of duplicate names in electoral rolls and easy registration of new and migrating voters.

Work on merging the numbers has already started in Goa and the commission claims that the entire country will be covered in three to five years. There are about 730 million voters in India, and about 65% of them have voter identity cards.

The commission has appointed a team of five IIT experts to have small printers attached to EVMs to produce a receipt of the vote cast without disclosing the identity of the voter.

The voter will only be able to see the receipt, which will be dumped into a sealed box. All the receipts will be destroyed once the voting gets over.

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