BJP plans 1800 tiffin baithaks in Gujarat

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the state firmly believes that the way to a voters heart is through his/her stomach. The party will break bread with its workers over homemade meals as part of its strategy for the 2012 assembly elections.

Christened as tiffin baithaks, such meal meetings aim at strengthening the party organisation. The BJP has already conducted over 130 such meetings and plans to hold at least 1,800 more covering each constituency in next few months. This is for the first time that the BJP has officially come up with such an idea keeping the assembly polls in mind.

In the tiffin baithak, the party workers gather at a spot decided by the party. They carry with them home-made food in tiffin boxes. The meetings are conducted by a state-level leader in charge of the district. He addresses the party workers about the party ideology, organisation and how to strengthen it in the region. Once the meeting gets over, the party workers open their tiffin boxes and share the home-made meal with each other.

Tiffin meetings are not new for the party workers but it is for the first time that the baithaks are being held on such a large scale. Earlier, during the polls in municipal corporations, the party had experimented with the idea.

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