Anna Hazare movement was unarmed attack on corruption

Even before his ongoing fast could come to an end, Anna Hazare on Saturday announced he would soon launch another campaign to ensure that no tainted leader gets elected to the next Lok Sabha. Speaking after more than 38 hours, Anna declared he would tour the country and appeal to citizens to be wary of such leaders in the 2014 general elections.

In his second address of the day within two hours, Anna said people’s high expectations from MPs were routinely belied.

Taking the dais around 9 am – a good two hours before his usual time of appearance over the last three days – a resolute and confident Anna declared he will continue his campaign for a strong anti-corruption law till his last breath. Asking people to remain vigilant after the ongoing campaign winds up, the 74-year-old said blind trust on MPs had brought the country to the current pass. “We trusted these people to abide by the Constitution. Now that we have woken up, let us not fall asleep again or let complacency seep in.”

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