Only Election Card and voter’s slip as ID proof for polling : Election Commission

In a bid to regulate the election process, Election Commission of India (ECI) has decided to discard 14 documents that were considered as proof of identity during voting.

Chief Election Commissioner S Y Quraishi told reporters that the electoral photo identity card (EPIC), and the voter’s slip would be the only documents permitted as an identity proof of the voter.

He said ECI would be issuing voter’s slip with a photograph printed on it, discouraging the earlier practice of political parties giving such a document.

Quraishi said that the experiment of giving voter’s slip was tried in the Bihar elections and polls for the subsequent five states.

He said that EPIC coverage has touched almost 95 per cent mark in Goa and it would be 100 per cent in the next two months.

“We will be holding camps in places where EPIC coverage is not there. If despite all efforts, some voters refuse to get the card than they will not be allowed to vote,” he said.

Quraishi said only 15 per cent of the youths aged between 18-19 years were enrolling on the voters’ list, which was disappointing.

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