Election Commission wants to ban govt ads 6 months prior to polls

In its continuing efforts to ensure a level playing field for political parties, the Election Commission intends to ban publication or broadcast of government advertisements from six months prior to the expiry of Parliament or legislative assemblies.

Such a ban currently comes into force with the announcement of elections, which also brings in the code of conduct.

“However, in order to avoid any dent on the level playing field, the Commission has recommended that the advertisement of achievements of government should be prohibited for six months prior to the date of normal expiry of the term of the House, and in case of premature dissolution, from the date of dissolution of the House,” Chief Election Commissioner S Y Quraishi said.

“This recommendation has been made because a general election can be held by the Election Commission under the law at any time within a period of six months before the normal expiry of the term of the House or after premature dissolution,” he said.

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