Mayawati has sacked 21 ministers till now !

In view of forthcoming assembly election,Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati still complaints of corruption and other charges after the 21 ministers have been shown the door. Pdraesh Chandradev Ram Yadav, Minister of Small Scale Industries recommended the deletion of the Lokayukta recommended the dismissal of 12 ministers. 11 out of the sacked Chief Minister Mayawati. Besides Mayawati out of ten and has Cabinet ministers on various charges.

Mr. yadav against the minister in office, the headmaster of a school in his home district Azamgarh is also accused of taking a salary. Lokayukta two days before the minister and confessed his fault. The Wednesday evening by Chief Justice has recommended the removal of them. There are many other allegations of corruption associated with them.

In so far dismissed the ministers on the recommendation of Lokayukta missionary minister Rajesh Tripathi, Dairy Development Minister Avdpal Singh Yadav, Labour Minister Badshah Singh, Ranganath Mishra, Minister of Secondary Education, Ambedkar Rural Development Minister, Mr Ahirwar, Rajpal Tyagi, Minister of Education, Higher Education Minister Rakeshdhar Tripathi, Dr. Yashpal Singh, Additional Power Minister Akbar Hossain, the previous Minister Awadhesh Verma and Dr. Hari Om, including provincial convoy.

Besides, she’s ten and showed the way out of cabinet ministers on various charges. The Family Welfare Minister Babu Singh Kushwaha mainly, Health Minister Anant Mishra, Food Processing Minister Anandsen Yadav, Fisheries Minister Jamuna Nishad Ashok double covers.

In addition, the state’s Public Works and Irrigation Minister Nasimuddin Siddiqui, Transport Minister Ramacl Rajbhar, some 12 ministers, including finance minister Fagu Chauhan received complaints of corruption against the Lokayukta. Some of it has been tested against.

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