Mayawati has lost her reliability in Dalits

Uttar Pradesh Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh on Monday charged on chief minister and Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati of failing to protect the interest of the Dalits. Digvijay Singh also said that “Mayawati has lost her credibility among the Dalits because she has not done anything other than looting the people over the past five years”.

Mayawati is labeled as ‘Casteist’, anti-Dalit and others who give her funds and help in splurging money are considered to be a supporter of the Dalits. This is her definition of a supporter. Moreover in her native village of Badalpur on one side, she is constructing her farmhouse in an area of 100 acre with walls as high as 25 feet and Dalits in the same area are still living in huts.

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