UP polls: Bundelkhand trip is a flop show

Rahul Gandhi is on a rallying spree across Uttar Pradesh, the state where he has much at stake in the forthcoming elections. Bundelkhand has been one of the focus areas for Rahul Gandhi in his UP campaign. However, on the first day of his five-day tour of the Bundelkhand region, the Congress leader was in for a disappointment because of the dismal turn-out at his rally at Lalitpur.

It seems the cold weather and chilly wind took a toll, turning Rahul’s rally into a flop show. While the local leaders were visibly worried over the dismal show, even Rahul could not hide his disappointment and gave a hurried brief speech. On Tuesday, the Congress leader addressed rallies at Lalitpur, Mauranipur, Samthhar, Chirgaon and the city of Jhansi.

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