Rahul will run UP government: Jaiswal

Sri Prakash Jaiswal the Congress campaign chief in Uttar Pradesh said Rahul Gandhi will run the government in Uttar Pradesh by remote control, irrespective of who became the chief minister. Talking to reporters, Jaiswal said Congress was set to win 200 seats in UP and would form the government. “Whoever becomes the CM, the remote will be in Rahulji’s hands,” he said, adding, “Rahul will show his skills in the next five years and will be monitoring whether the promises are being fulfilled or not.”

The blatant use of “remote control” for Rahul raised eyebrows since the method has come to signify undermining of democracy. It first stirred politics in 1995 when Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray loudly claimed on his party’s ascension to power that he would not become the CM but would remote-control the man in the hot seat. Manohar Joshi, who ultimately assumed power, was never seen as his own man.

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