AJYA SABHA VALEDICTORY REMARKS 227 th Session (20.12.2012)

: Honble Members, the 227
Session of the Rajya
Sabha, which commenced on 22
November, 2012, comes to a
close today.
The House condoled the passing away of eleven forme
Members including Shri Inder Kumar Gujral, Former P
rime Minister.
The House also made references to the victims of na
tural calamities
and tragic incidents.
Twenty-one Ministers were introduced to the House b
y the
Prime Minister. The new Secretary-General of Rajya
Sabha was
also introduced to the House.
More than 47 hours were lost in the course of 20 si
ttings of the
House and the Question Hour could be conducted only
on 8 days.
5 Short Notice Questions were also taken up.
The House passed the two Constitution Amendment Bil
ls one
providing reservation for SC/STs in promotions in G
overnment jobs
and other providing special provisions for the erst
while Hyderabad-
Karnataka areas of the State of Karnataka. The Hous
e debated the
Motion on FDI in Multi-brand Retail Sector. Two Gov
ernment Bills
were introduced and eight Government Bills were pas

Thirty-five Private Members Bills were introduced.
The issues regarding need to amend Election and oth
er related Laws
and Information Technology Act, 2000 were discussed
Private Members Resolutions.
One Calling Attention Notice on the situation arisi
ng out of
suspension of Indian Olympic Association by Interna
tional Olympic
Committee was discussed.
108 Special Mentions were made and 30 significant m
were raised with the permission of the Chair.
I take this opportunity to thank the Leader of the
House, the
Leader of the Opposition, the Leaders of various pa
rties and groups
and the Honble Members for the cooperation extende
d by them in
the overall functioning of the House.
I have asked the Secretary-General to make availabl
e the
statistical information relating to this Session.
I also thank the Deputy Chairman, the Members on th
e Panel
of Vice-Chairmen and the officers and staff of the
Secretariat for their
help and cooperation.
The House stands adjourned
sine die

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